2016 Women's Gift Guide

*All items have either been gifted to us or have been purchased and loved.  This post contain affiliate links.  See our full disclosure policy here.  As always, all opinions are our own, and we really think these will be great gifts to give your loved ones.


e-cloth Dusting Kit & Universal Stone

e-cloth is a company that focuses on a "chemical-free cleaning process that only uses water."  They have a whole line of products for household cleaning with only using water. They also have body care and baby care products as well. 


Photojojo Lenses and Remote

We found some awesome gifts for those photographer/wannabe photographers who love to shoot with their phones. Photojojo has an awesome set of cellphone lenses that can shoot all types of different photos. We got the Magnetic iPhone and Android Lens Series. It comes with Fisheye, Super Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angle, Macro and Polarizing cell phone lenses.


kor smarttoilet

The KOR SmartToilet and it is a "flush valve replacement kit that eliminate 95% of odor in seconds." Less oder in the bathroom is always a great thing. It has a Dual Flush Option as well, where you can do a half flush, or a full flush, so you can control your water usage.


HD Mirror Cam

This HD Mirror Cam is everything you need if you want to record stuff going on while you are driving. With a 350 degree rotating camera, you can record at any angle. Behind you, on the sides, or in front. This can really help especially in cases of accidents. You can have recorded proof of what happened, and it can really help you in those sticky situations. This camera easily slips right onto your rearview mirror, and you can start recording in seconds.




Active Edge is a company that makes products to improve wellness and quality of life. We received an Active Edge Bracelet. These bracelets are suppose to help flight inflammation, improve sleep, and increase performance in flexibility, grip strength, balance, and endurance.


Karmin HaiR Straightener

We are absolutely in love with this new Hair Straightener from Karmin. If you want a luxury gift for your loved one, this is it! It is their Salon Series Hair Straightener and is the dream tool that should be on every hair care list. It has everything you would want in a hair straightener. 

Heat Holders

Heat Holders Neck Warmer & Cozy Blanket

Heat Holders has become one of our favorite companies for winter accessories. They have something for the whole family.  This Neck Warmer caught my eye right away! It is very stylish and not just a piece of material around your neck like some other neck warmers. This one comes in 6 different colors, and it was really difficult to pick our favorite.


Dat Mat Yoga Mats

Dat Mat has such great Yoga Mats! They have completely original designs that are all limited edition, so you have to grab them when you see the one you love. They measures 68" x 24", and they are 1/4" thick. The extra thickness gives you lots of comfort to do all your exercising without feeling the floor, like you do on some yoga mats.


Curlformers Styling Kits

Want the easiest curls ever? Plus NO HEAT curls? Then you have to check out these Curlformers Styling Kits. Just wash your hair, add Curlformers, and let dry...remove the Curlformers and you'll have a beautiful head of curly locks. 

ozeri review - whatthegirlssay.com


We love this Ozeri Silicone Utensil Set! The colors are what got us, and sitting out on the countertop makes your kitchen extra colorful. And the bonus is the container they come with. It’s not too big to just leave out on your counter. These Silicone Utensils will save your pans for sure. They are very strong and durable, non-scratch, and don’t break like the others do. 

Soulkix - whatthegirlssay.com


We are so excited to tell you about this super awesome company we found called SoulKix. SoulKix makes shoes specially designed and personalized just for you. You can pretty much put ANYTHING you want on these shoes, and they print the picture right on them. This technology is amazing and we are huge fans. SoulKix has shoes for Men, Women, and Children! They are slip on shoes, great quality, AND you can personalize them.

Koji Slushy Review - whatthegirlssay.com

Koji Jewel Pop Mold and slushy make

Koji has some awesome products that would be great for anyone on your list. Our favorites are the Jewel Pop Mold and the Slushy Maker! These are only available at Target, and Target.com.

Capresso Iced Tea Maker - whatthegirlssay.com

Capresso Iced Tea Maker

The girls love their coffee...but I personally love my tea. And this Capresso Iced Tea Maker is great for brewing the perfect tea every time. This Ice Tea Maker is super easy to use, and can brew tea from loose leaf, or tea bags. This Tea Maker can brew 2.5 quarts of tea at a time. You can adjust the brew strength just by moving the flavor enhancer.

Frieling Milk Frother

Here's a gift that can be a great addition to any coffee lovers collection...Frieling has a Caso Milk Frother that is great for Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas, and Hot Chocolate. You could make your drinks like a professional barista. 

Oakiwear Rain Boot Review - whatthegirlssay.com

Oakiwear Rain Boots

I am in love with my new Rain Boots from Oakiwear. They are actually my very first pair (remember, we're from Southern California, we don't see much rain). I have seen rain boots around a lot, but I never really liked the styles, or most of them seemed cheap and flimsy. But these Rain Boots from Oakiwear are super stylish, and very high quality. They are made of flexible rubber and have a 1 1/4" Block Heel.

Zoku Pop Maker

Zoku Triple Pop Maker

Our dad loves making us popsicles and ice cream. And obviously, us girls love eating them! With this Boku Triple Pop Maker, we can have fun and unique popsicles in as little as seven minutes!! What?! You can make yogurt pops, striped pops, or even flavored core pops. Add toppings, fruits, or syrups in the pops too!

Helly Hansen Review - whatthegirlssay.

Helly Hansen Warm Freeze

Helly Hansen has a great base layer to keep you super warm in these cold months. It comes in many different designs and solid colors. These Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip Base Layers feature a zipper at the top and zips from the top to your chest. The Warm Freeze line combines "the unique Lifa® fiber technology next to skin to keep you dry, with a premium Merino wool exterior with superior insulating and Backing properties."



This Kyocera Frying Pan is a great add to any gift list. This 10" frying pan is made of superior ceramic that gives it a non-stick performance. It is super easy to clean, has a stainless steel handle, and is scratch resistant. It has a quick and even heat distribution. It is also oven safe up to 400 degrees F.


Deiss Kitchen Essentials

Ice Ball Maker
Deiss® ART Ice Ball Maker Mold & Collapsible Funnel- This Ice Ball Maker Mold is a flexible silicone tray that makes 6 Perfect 1.8" ice spheres. It also comes with a foldable funnel for easy pouring.  You can make regular ice balls, or make ice pops.  It is also dishwasher safe, for easy clean up. 

FrostGuard Review Holiday Gift Guide- whatthegirlssay.com


Help your loved ones rest easy in this cold weather with a FrostGuard windshield cover! Your family and friends will be so grateful for the extra time they will save from this gift.  "A 20 second solution to a 20 minute problem!" 



Cascade Designs has so many awesome products for those on-the-go, traveling, camping, hiking, outdoorsy types on your list. PackTowl has an awesome line of luxurious fast drying towels. It is super absorbent (absorbing 5x's its weight in water), Fast Drying (dries 30% faster and is more compact than cotton towels"), and is Antimicrobial meaning the towel stays fresh longer. 

My Alert Review - whatthegirlssay.com

MY alert

My Alert, by SC Direct, is an awesome product that helps people who are hard of hearing, deaf, blind, or heavy sleepers, became better aware of their environment. My Alert alerts people to visitors, phone calls, and potential safety threats such as an intruder in your home. 

Chalk Paint - whatthegirlssay.com

Dixie Belle

If you've seen our D.I.Y. Chalk Paint Post (refresher HERE), you know we're huge fans of Chalk Paint. You don't have to do any prep work before using chalk paint, which is our favorite part! So we were thrilled when Dixie Belle contacted us to check out their chalk paint!

The Real Deal Brazil - whatthegirlssay.com

The Real Deal Brazil

We ran into this super unique company, called The Real Deal Brazil. They make upcycled hats, bags, and accessories, all from recycled materials, and that's the coolest part...all their items are handmade in Brazil from retired Brazilian cargo truck tarps and truck tire wires. This great, unique product would be such a fun gift for the adventurer on your list.

88 Handbag Review - whatthegirlssay.com

88 Handbags

88 is a handbag company that is all vegan. They have a variety of bags, all different styles, colors, and sizes. We received this Chloe Jewelry Bracelet Strap Crossbody Bag. Not only is it a beautiful Crossbody purse, but it comes with a detachable, wearable bracelet. Want to dress up your handbag? Add the bracelet to it, and give it a little extra bling. This bag comes in 4 colors; Pink, Mint, Ivory, and Black. 

mycomfortwear.com review - whatthegirlssay.com

mycomfortwear.com heated scarf

Check out mycomfortwear.com's Super Heated Scarf Max . It's not just a heated scarf, but has a heated back panel that turns this into an Under Jacket Heating System. So you can wear this under any jacket or sweatshirt and practically turn it into heated clothing too.

USAopoly - whatthegirlssay.com

USAopoly games

USAopoly has THE Coolest games around! They have all you classic boardgames, like Clue, Connect 4, Monopoly, Risk, Yahtzee, Operation, and Life. And some newer games we had never heard of. But the awesome thing about USAopoly is they have all these classic and new games in custom themes. There are themes from all different kinds of Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Comics, and more!

Ecooe French Press - whatthegirlssay.com

Ecooe FRench Press

Here's a great gift for those coffee and tea lovers! This French Press is a Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee/Tea French Press Maker. It is made of beautiful stainless steel, that is anti-rust and shatterproof. It also features a double wall, so it can keep your coffee and tea warm for up to 3 hours. And it makes about 3 large cups of coffe at a time.

Isn't this clever review - whatthegirlssay.com

Isn't This Clever

One of our favorite accessories that all of us girls love, is our “Finder’s Key Purse”.  You slip this key chain on your keys and hook it onto your purse, “for an easy find every time.” And they come in so many different designs.  When it’s time to grab your keys, you just grab straight for the hook, with no more fumbling in your purse looking for your keys.

Smit Co Review - whatthegirlssay.com

Smit Co. Jewelry 

You know what's ALWAYS a good idea for a gift for her?  Jewelry!  And Smit Co has some great pieces.  We had a chance to check out their Rose Gold Plated Pendant Necklace with Simulated Solitaire Crystal.  We loved this piece and think it will be perfect for any woman on your list.  It also comes in a pretty packaged box.  

SunFrog Tees Review - whatthegirlssay.com


SunFrog Tees is an awesome company that will customize a t-shirt just for you! Add your name to a t-shirt, the year you were born, or your hometown, find a hobby, sport, or interest you have, and there's sure to be a perfect t-shirt that will be a perfect fit for those on your gift lists.

Kuhn Rikon Cupcake - whatthegirlssay.com

Kuhn Rikon Cupcake Decorating Sets

We have two awesome kits from Kuhn Rikon that we believe are such a great idea for those bakers in your life. This first kit is called the “Ultimate Cupcake Set”.  It includes everything you need to bake some great cupcakes. This kit makes it easy to bake, fill and frost all kinds of cupcakes.

Heated Gloves Review - whatthegirlssay.com

13-Hour Heated Gloves

We were stoked when Hammacher Schlemmer sent us their 13 Hour Heated Gloves! 13 hours! You read that right…13!! These gloves will be my new best friend on those snowboarding days or chilly football games, or just walking to my car. Ha! I love them that much!

HSI Professional Gift Guide - whatthegirlssay.com

HSI PRofessional groover kit 

We use so many different sized curling irons to create different looks.  That means many different tools.  But with this new HSI Professional Groover Kit, we get all the tools we need in one!  No more having to buy a bunch of different styling tools, this Kit has 4 different barrels to achieve their own looks. 

Shark Genius- Holiday Gift Guide - whatthegirlssay.com

Shark Genius Hardwood Floor Cleaning System

We just put in some hard wood floors a while back and they are great. We love the look! The only this is, we can’t just run a vacuum over it and call it done anymore like we use to on our carpets. A regular old school mop just doesn’t cut it. It’s also a lot of work and can take a toll on your back. But then we were able to try out the Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System, and it has changed the way we look at cleaning the hardwood floors.


the curious creamery make your own ice cream mix

Here's the perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth (ahem...me!!) The Curious Creamery has a Make Your Own Ice Cream Mix, where you can mix in your own flavors and add in your own toppings to create your own perfect ice cream. That way you can control the calories, fats, and sugars! 


Mycharge razorplatinum

This gift is perfect for your on-the-go loved ones. There are so many times we’ll be out and about, or traveling and its so hard to find power to charge our electronics…phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, etc. But with the MyCharge RazorPlatinum, we’re able to charge on the go, wherever we are.

Copy of TYME Iron Amz mt1.png


The TYME Iron is the latest and greatest in All-In-One Hair Styling Tools.  It can be used as a hair straightener, or a curling iron.  And there's lots of different styles and curls you can achieve with just this one single tool.  This is especially a good gift for someone who doesn't have time to mess around with a bunch of tools, but still wanting a great style.



Knock Knock fill-in books

Looking for a more personalized gift for your loved one?  You have to check out knockknockstuff.com.  They have all sorts of gifts to choose from.  One of our favorites are the fill-in books they offer.  We got the "What I Love About Mom" and "Why You Make Me Smile" Fill-In Books.  This is a great gift for kids to fill in and give to their parents, or fill one out yourself and give it to your significant other. 


Showers pass WATERPROOF socks

*GIVEAWAY ALERT! Win a FREE Pair for yourself! Click below to find out how.* 
I was searching out warm clothing for a winter trip I'm about to go on, when I ran into this company called Showers Pass.   I was immediately intrigued by their "waterproof socks".  Now, I'm usually skeptical about things like this, but really wanted them to work.  So we got ahold of Showers Pass, and they graciously sent us a couple of pairs to try out.  And boy, are they AWESOME!! 

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 8.36.11 PM.png

Atmosflare 3d pen

These 3D Pens are the coolest thing, and is a perfect gift for your artsy loved ones.  The AtmosFlare 3D Pen comes with 2 different inks, Blue and Red, and you can purchase many other refillable colors as well.  There is no limit to what you can create.  It's definitely more of a new art form and not just a craft, so it takes practice.  But that's the fun part! 


Baseballism vintage glove leather tote

We are HUGE baseball fans here in this family #GODODGERS, so this company is a dream.  It’s called Baseballism, and you guessed it, features all things baseball!  We fell in love with Baseballism’s Vintage Glove Leather Tote, made of baseball glove leather.


Volt heat vest

Now, I don’t wear Vests…ever…but when I put this Volt Heat Vest on, it is so stylish, that I would actually wear this vest even when I’m not using the heat. It’s very lightweight and has a flattering fit. Way better than I thought from the stock photos. Trust me, they don’t do the vest justice. AND we're giving you 20% off vests through November!

Honest Company Review - whatthegirlssay.com

The Honest Co. BATHTIME Gift set

If you haven’t heard of The Honest Company, they’re a company dedicated to all things natural and healthy living. From Baby Diapers to Personal Products, Household Cleaning Items to Vitamins and Formula. The Honest Company does everything natural, organic, healthy. And we have some awesome things to show you from this company. 


American Gluten Free Review - whatthegirlssay.com

American gluten free

We have 2 Gluten-free girls in our family, and one who is dairy free as well, and I will say, as one of the ones who is not gluten-free, a lot of the stuff available at our local stores is just not great! If we can even find stuff at all. Then we ran into this awesome company... American Gluten Free! AND we have a Promo Code below!