Children's Gift Guide

*All items have either been gifted to us or have been purchased and loved.  This post contain affiliate links.  See our full disclosure policy here.  As always, all opinions are our own, and we really think these will be great gifts to give your loved ones.

Our Generation Review-

Our Generation Dolls and Accessories

We discovered a great line of dolls and accessories that are high quality at a super affordable price! They're called Our Generation Dolls, and we absolutely love all the accessories you can get with them too.  Check out some of our favorite Our Generation accessories...

Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horns

Here's a fun and unique gift for that imaginative little girl in your life. Brooklyn Owl has a headband that will turn any girl into a unicorn! Well, at least give you a unicorn horn. 


ecloth hooded towel 

This Hooded Towel is so great for any child from newborn to 5 years old. It is SUPER soft and dries 4 times faster than a normal cotton towel. This Hooded Towel comes in 2 different sizes. The normal size comes in newborn-12 months, while the Large comes in newborn- 5 years old. There are many different colors and designs as well. We wish they had these in adult sizes. They are so soft, and we are all fighting over who gets to keep it.

Kiss Naturals D.I.Y. Kits 

When we were younger, some of our favorite gifts were the D.I.Y. kits. So we are so excited to tell you about this awesome company called Kiss Naturals, who makes tons of awesome D.I.Y. kits. 


Cabbage Patch Baby So Real

It's crazy how advanced these babies are. Growing up, I loved my baby dolls, and took care of them like they were real babies. Always pretending it was time to eat, buckling them in car seats, and changing diapers. Now, the Baby So Real Interactive Baby is so advanced, that the baby actually has True Life Eyes, where the eyes will change to over 30 animated expressions. 

Children's Thermal Socks

These thermal children's socks are the softest, and warmest socks we have ever come across. "These Heat Holders® children's socks are over seven times warmer than a typical cotton sock." They are extra long so will pair great with some boots, or can help keep your ankles and legs warm.

Holiday Gift Guide Nickelodeon -

Nickelodeon Dvd's

Our kids have so many shows and movies that they can watch over and over again. And Nickelodeon is a favorite in our house. Some of our favorites were sent to us, and we think these will be perfect gifts for the little ones on your list. 

PaperCutz Barbie Graphic Novel - whatthegirlssay.

Papercutz Graphic Novels

PaperCutz is a company that creates graphic novels of all different kinds of Graphic Novels for different audiences. We got to check out the two new graphic novels in the Barbie series. 


EarZings Pierce-free earrings

We have two little girls in our family who are just dying to get their ears pierced. But they are still a bit young, and afraid of the pain of piercing their ears. So we were excited to run into this special company called EarZings!

Star kids snack & play trays

Do you travel with your children? Always on the go? Then you should check out Star Kids. They have great products for entertaining kids while traveling. This Travel Tray can be used in the car, on a stroller, or on an airplane. Use for long or short trips, this Tray is great to keep the kids entertained.

Planet box Lunch Box Review -

PLANET BOX Lunch Boxes

PlanetBox is a great company working on helping with eliminating waste from packaged foods with their line of lunch boxes. They help eliminate waste, save money, and make for super easy clean up. They also have each section pre-portioned, so you know how much to eat, and can actually help you decide what to eat as well. If you forget to pack veggies, "the empty compartment will remind you!" 

MiracleWear Review -

MIRACLEWEAR baby clothes

Here are some great baby gift ideas. MiracleWear Clothes has some great clothes for babies. We were sent a 5-pack of Neutral Color Bodysuits. This 5-pack comes with 5 white or 5 solid colors; Grey, Aqua, Tangerine, Creme, and White.

Hearts 4 Hearts -

Hearts 4 Hearts Dolls

Want to be charitable AND get an awesome Christmas gift for the little girl in your life? Check out Hearts 4 Hearts Girls. They have a collection of dolls that are each from different parts of the world, and have their own stories to tell about life in her country.

Tiny Teethers Necklace -

Tiny Teethers

Our youngest baby of the family is teething now, and will grab anything she can to chew on. Especially necklaces! So when we were introduced to Tiny Teethers, we knew we had found gold. Tiny Teethers has an awesome line of teething necklaces, pacifier clips, and teething pendants.

Baden Emojiballs -


These Emojiballs are so fun and super cute.  Each ball is 4" in diameter, and is made of a soft rubbery material, and is fun to bounce, throw, and catch.  We thought these would be great for the kids, and then even our 17-year old sister fell in love with them too.  So definitely a great gift for all ages.  Even us adults were having fun with them. 

Lottie Dolls Gift Guide - whatthegirlss

Lottie Dolls

We found an awesome line of dolls from Every Lottie Doll, is a unique themed doll, and most are based on real girls. These dolls are a bit smaller than your typical doll, measuring 18 cm. And Lottie dolls are age appropriate, as she does not wear any makeup, high heels, or jewelry. She also has a child-like body and is "based on the realistic proportions of a 9-year old girl". 

Sweet Melody Designs -

Sweet Melody Designs Swaddle Blankets

Here is the perfect gift set for that precious baby on your list. Sweet Melody Designs has beautiful swaddle blanket sets, and you're sure to find a great one. We received this Away We Go Swaddle Pack.

Baby Laundry Review -

Baby Laundry Baby Blankets

Have a sweet little baby on your list? Baby Laundry has the sweetest little blankets just for them. We tried out their Gray Yellow Floral/Gray Swirl Baby Blanket.  This blanket features Smooth Gray Yellow Floral minky fabric on one side and a soft Gray Swirl minky on the other. We loved the details on the Gray Swirls and the pattern on front is beautiful.

Fun Bites Review -


Have picky eaters, or just want your kids to eat healthier? FunBites gives a new take on cutting foods into different, fun shapes. FunBites is so easy to use.  The cutter is safe for little fingers, and even the kids can pop out their foods into these fun shapes. You can cut foods into squares, triangles, hearts and more.

Winning Moves

Winning Moves Games

How about a couple of games for the family? Games are a great gift for the kids AND adults, and can pretty much be a gift for anyone. We got to check out some games from Winning Moves, and loved all the different ones they have available.

Oakiwear Review -

Oakiwear Boots

Oakiwear has an awesome children's line of footwear, winter wear, rain wear, and summer wear. Really, they have it all. We got to check out these Winter Snow Boots in Navy, and they are just the coziest, warmest boots around. 

The Dunk Collection review -

The Dunk Collection

We ran into these fun and useful gifts from the Dunk Collection and had to share with you. The Dunk Collection features Basketball hoop items including the Dirty Dunk (for laundry), The Document Dunk (for trash cans), and the Scrub-A-Dunk (for baths), and it’s hard to decide which one is our favorite.

3D Motokit Review -

3D MotoKits

Our kids love puzzles and creating things. They also love playing with toys (duh, what kid doesn’t?!) So these 3D MotoKits are great little gifts for the kids. They’re a 3D Puzzle with a wind up toy. So as soon as they put together their creation, they can wind them up and watch them go. It’s both a puzzle and a toy!

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 11.32.13 PM.png


These are the perfect gift this holiday season. You can choose  different versions of, comic book, super hero, Disney Princess, sports and car lights that look as though they are popping right out of the wall! Battery operated and cool to the touch so you can place them any where in the room!  Find all of these amazing products here:

Fashion Angels -

Fashion Angels

Fashion Angels is definitely appropriately named. With so many different beauty kits, you're sure to find something great for that young girl on your list. We were able to test out some of their awesome and super unique hair and nail kits! 

Learning Resources -

Learning Resources

Learning Resources is another great company that has lots of learning toys! One of our favorites was the Shining Stars Projector. We also loved the Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set. This set is for children 5 years and up and helps kids learn about problem solving and critical thinking, as they create a maze for their “mouse” that lights up and makes sounds as well.

Peppy Pup Review -

Peppy Pups

Is your young child asking for a puppy this Holiday Season, but you just aren't ready for the resposibility? This Peppy Pup is perfect! It is a soft, plush dog that will walk and run with you. Just grab the lease, and walk like you're walking a real dog. The Peppy Pup will walk along right behind you, bouncing and jingling right along.

Educational Insights - holiday gift guide -

Educational Insights

Educational Insights is a great company that has toys that are educational and we got to try out the “My First Telescope”. This Telescope is designed for 4 to 6 year kids and is such a great product. It is very colorful and provides a 10X magnification. This “My First Telescope, introduces astronomy and up-close lunar exploration.”

SoulKix Review -

Soulkix personalized shoes

We are so excited to tell you about this super awesome company we found called SoulKix. SoulKix makes shoes specially designed and personalized just for you. You can pretty much put ANYTHING you want on these shoes, and they print the picture right on them. This technology is amazing and we are huge fans. SoulKix has shoes for Men, Women, and Children! They are slip on shoes, great quality, AND you can personalize them.

Kitty Club Review -

Kitty Club and ZOmlings

WhatNot Toys has a great line of boys and girls collectible toys. First, for the girls, they have a line called the Kitty Club. Each Kitty is a mystery in these single pack toys, and each comes with a hat to fit right on your new kitty.  Fun collectibles for the kids. Our girls are loving their new kitty’s and hats. 

Orbeez and PomPom Wow Review -

Orbeez and Pom pom wow

I had never heard of Orbeez before we were contacted to review them, but our 4-year old girl knew exactly what they were as soon as she peeked in the box and saw the letter "ORB". The box wasn't even open enough to reveal what these were, let alone the whole name,and yet she exclaimed with such excitement, "ORBEEZ!!"

Little Adventures Review

Little adventures dress up

What little kid doesn’t like to dress up and play pretend. Whether that be a princess, super hero, doctor, baseball player, etc. 

Little Adventures is the place to find all things dress up and costumes for the littles. We were sent this beautiful Rapunzel dress for our little girl, and boy was it a hit.

Tech 4 Kids Review -

Mash em's, FASh em's, micro lites and squishy pops

I don’t know about you, but one of our favorite surprises growing up was the surprise grab bag they use to sell at random stores.  You never knew what you were going to get, so the surprise of it all was exciting.  Well, that's kind of the idea Tech 4 Kids has with these Mash Em's, Squishy Pops, and Micro Lites. 

IDO3D Vertical Review -

IDO3D 3D pens

These 3D pens are the perfect gift for your art and craft-loving kids.  This version is for the younger kids, while they have an Atmosflare that would be better for your older teens or adults. The IDO3D kit comes with 5 single pens, each with a different color. (Blue, Red, Green, Purple, and Orange). 


baseballism tees

Have a mini baseball/sports fan to shop for?  Baseballism has many unique t-shirts for kids, that all guessed it....Baseball!  We were able to check out this "I Woke Up Like This" shirt, and absolutely loved it. 

Janiebee Nap Mat Review -

Janiebee nap mats

Our little ones love having sleepovers at Gramma and Papa’s house, camping in tents in the backyard, and going away on weekend trips with mom and dad. They also love having their own blankets and pillows, so these  Janiebee Nap Mats are the perfect solution! And there's a Giveaway!


cute girl cosmetics

We have 3 little girls in our family, and two of them are 4-years old, who LOVE following everything their mommies and aunties do. That includes hair, clothes, nails, and they're even asking about make-up! That's where Cutegirl comes in.